Copyright laws from centuries ago

protecting content creators and artists of the digital media age is not working.

Digital content properties are different from the conventional media reproduction required for distributing copies of the artists and creators work in the 16th century. Even in the 20th century the physical copies were the basis for distribution of music, publishing, photography and movies.

But now copies are digital. Anyone can create infinite copies of any digital content. Should we continue to look at copies of a art work as something scarce and valuable? What if digital artists and creators are "selling" the wrong product to their fans? Maybe digital copies are not the product...


The digital media content train has left the station

and it's impossible to revert it's course.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) platforms and content aggregators like Amazon, Spotify or Apple Music seem to have been a failed attempt at making digital media scarce by restricting it's availability and hiding it behind a pay wall. The result has not been great for the platforms over time, but has become unbearable for the vast majority of artists and creators...


What's the value of sand in a desert?

But maybe water is very valuable, because of its scarcity...

We think that until we understand this shift in the digital media availability and distribution, nothing will change in the content creators and artists business results.
But what is scarce in the digital age? And what about the distribution and funding for creative work?


Let's rethink the business models for the digital age

and free our creations from their recording, publishing or distribution artificial prisons

Distribution is almost instant

And free thanks to the Internet and all open source technology. Can't our creations also be available to all our audience instantly and without fences?

Time and attention is scarce

Indie Protocol is a new business model that leverages the Internet and Blockchain to monetize digital content in new and non-intrusive ways.

Collectibles as the magic potion

But not for intellectual property or copy rights! Fans will also prefer to collect items and get exclusive perks directly from creators.

Crowd funding for creators

This is already a reality, but can be evolved to be tracked via the Blockchain, and even distribute exclusive collectibles to bakers.

Digital tickets

Indie enables artists to sell live performances directly to their fans, and open up their studios or promote their own special events.

Exclusive content for super-fans

Super-fans always wanted their vanity items. With Indie we can think of giving them even more! Actually, the only limit is the imagination...

Want to be part of this evolution?

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